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Tips To Make The Team

Tips To Make The Team


1. Look the part. Pants, jersey (always tucked in), hat (always worn
correctly-not backwards).

2. Wear a jersey from the team that you play on - if possible with your
name on the back.

3. Be the first to volunteer to help get equipment out or put away.

4. Be the first to hustle to each station or position. Never jog
lackadaisically anywhere on the field.

5. Always pay attention and ask questions.

6. Respond to the coaches with respect. Use 'yes sir' and 'no sir.'

7. Do not respond to instruction with “I know”. If you knew, why didn’t
you do it right the first time?

8. Do not be afraid to get dirty. Laying out for balls and sliding
impresses coaches.

9. Be a GREAT bunter -- work at it.

10. Attend any camps that the high school coach puts on.

11. Have all of your paperwork done on time: physicals, insurance
forms, parental permission, etc.

12. Be 15 minutes early to every work-out.

13. Make sure that you have good grades - coaches do grade checks.

14. Never miss any work-outs. If an emergency occurs and you are unable
to make a practice, make sure and call your coach ahead of time and not
after the fact.

15. Take great care of your equipment. Hang your bag or put it neatly
away, do not leave your stuff laying around.

16. Have a great attitude and be coachable.

17. Respect the game as much as you want to be respected.

18. Be a great student.  We expect to compete for the state championship off the field as well as on.

19. With very few exceptions, your parents do not know more than your

20. Body language is very important. Don’t sag your shoulders, shake
your head, throw equipment, etc.

21. When you stretch do not go through the motions.

22. Be realistic of your ability but never give up the: ‘Pursuit of the Dream’


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